Design and Construction of Kakumäe Yacht Harbour in Tallinn, Estonia

Client:  Haven Kakumäe 

Project Start: 07/2015

End of project: current project

Description of Works

According to the idea of the Employer, a brand new marina with water area of 5hectares and a depth of up to 4 meters in Tallinn will be build.

The marina will consist of anchorage for 288 yachts. On the territory of this modern multifunctional yacht harbour, a unique for Baltic States multifunctional workshop and a hotel for winter storage of the boats will be created. According to contract, BMGS will perform design and construction of the following harbour facilities:

  • breakwaters and shore protection
  • dredging of the marina
  • piers and slips from reinforced concrete for large yachts
  • floating heavy duty pontoons for yachts and boats
  • harbour facilities and networks
  • multifunctional workshop and harbour house
  • heated boathouse with area of more than 4’000 m2 for winter storage of 260 yachts and boats
  • Nooda street with networks and pedestrian tunnel
  • recreation area for local people.

JSC BMGS Estonian Branch, Keemia str. 4 10616, Tallinn, Estonia

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